Automobile Leather & Vinyl Restoration

Leather Medic Auto

Our highly skilled Leather Medic® technicians have mastered the art of automobile interior restoration including repairing and/or refinishing leather, vinyl, plastic, cloth and……. yes, we can even re-dye the leather if you want.

Our Leather Medic® technicians are able to repair and refinish leather seats so that they regain their original luster. Unsightly carpet stains can be eliminated. Cigarette burns disappear. We are even able to restore that new car aroma!

Trust all of your automobile interior restoration needs to Leather Medic!

Leather Furniture Repair & Restoration

leather repair before and afterWhen looking for quality leather furniture repair, turn to Leather Medic. Leather Medic’s expertise in leather furniture repair and refinishing is unmatched. Our techniques in leather furniture repair and refinishing are state of the art.

Leather Medic is a mobile service business and our professional, licensed, expert technicians are frequently called to our client’s homes for professional leather sofa repair.

We are able to provide leather cleaning and conditioning for your sofa which aids in the longevity of your piece of leather furniture. It will help prevent the inevitable cracks and discoloration. But when a simple cleaning won’t do, we are able to effectively provide the highest quality of leather sofa repair.

The results from leather restoration professionals are astounding. Your sofa can literally look better than new. You are able to have scratches, tears, stains and discolorations from body oils, and fading, completely repaired.

You can even have your leather furniture fully dyed.

We constantly stress to consumers to always choose a fully qualified, leather restoration expert. Do-it yourself repair kits you find on the internet will not provide the results you expect. It can seriously harm or damage your leather sofa.

Once you’ve spent the money on a quality piece of furniture, you get a return on your investment by utilizing a leather restoration professional. And only a professional will produce the results that replicate your desired results. You want a piece of furniture that looks brand new. Leather Medic can do that!

Great Franchise Training Equals Happy Clients

lm_logo_280We pride ourselves on our skilled technicians. We offer the best franchise training in the country.

It’s frustrating to watch people pour their hard earned money into a new home based business franchise that offers very little training.  A lot of other companies take advantage of people wanting to start their own business. They take their money and throw them to the wolves.

That doesn’t happen with us.

If someone is purchasing a franchise with Leather Medic, we want them to succeed.

The best way we can do that is making certain our franchisees offer a great product.  Our people are a part of our product.

Leather Medic extensively trains our technicians in every detailed aspect of leather and vinyl repair.  They quite literally become experts in their field.

Great technicians lead to great service which leads to happy clients, and a successful leather restoration franchise.

Leather and Vinyl Repair for Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicle Leather RepairRecreational vehicles, including boats, suffer some of the harshest conditions under the sun. Even if you don’t use your vehicles frequently, exposure can cause damage that may require more serious leather and vinyl repair.

Leather Medic experts can help prevent damage through many different ways. Our leather cleaning and conditioning helps to prevent further damage to your recreational vehicles. It will extend the life of your investment and prevent the immediate need for a serious leather or vinyl repair.

You can also take advantage of a Leather Medic expert’s ability to dye your leather to update an older vehicle’s appearance. For very little cost you can increase the value of your investment.

And all of our commercial franchise companies can offer the highest expert level of care to keep your recreational vehicle in great ship shape.

To learn more about our Leather Medic services, please visit our SERVICES page.