Key Benefits of Purchasing a Leather Medic Franchise


We believe there are tons of reasons you should choose Leather Medic for your affordable franchise choice.  But we’ve narrowed it down to 5 powerful key benefits.

Mobile Service

This is a unique mobile service business.  If you choose to be a home based business, you can.  If you choose to open a store front, you can do that as well.  The good news is the choice is yours.

Affordable Franchise customized to fit you and your market

We help you identify and cater to your target market in your area.

Extremely low overhead

By being a mobile service, you keep very low overhead.  Lower overhead means more profit.

Military discounts and financing available

Call us today and let us show you what an affordable franchise looks like.  We have special discounts for our military as well.

Be operational in days not months

Where else could you find a small business franchise that can get you up and going that fast?  We help you from start to finish and offer ongoing support and training.
Call Leather Medic today for more franchise business information and join a great team of successful professionals.

Great Franchise Training Equals Happy Clients

lm_logo_280We pride ourselves on our skilled technicians. We offer the best franchise training in the country.

It’s frustrating to watch people pour their hard earned money into a new home based business franchise that offers very little training.  A lot of other companies take advantage of people wanting to start their own business. They take their money and throw them to the wolves.

That doesn’t happen with us.

If someone is purchasing a franchise with Leather Medic, we want them to succeed.

The best way we can do that is making certain our franchisees offer a great product.  Our people are a part of our product.

Leather Medic extensively trains our technicians in every detailed aspect of leather and vinyl repair.  They quite literally become experts in their field.

Great technicians lead to great service which leads to happy clients, and a successful leather restoration franchise.

What Can A Leather Medic Do For You? You may be surprised.

leather medic logo largeMost people have some sort of leather and vinyl products throughout their homes. But a lot of people don’t actually realize what a leather and vinyl restoration business can do for them.

Some of the services are expected, but some may surprise you.

Services we offer like the leather repair and leather and vinyl restoration can apply to that leather sofa you bought and has worn or torn over time. But sometimes, people don’t always think about what all that can cover.

Do you own a boat? If you do, you realize it’s an investment. You don’t throw it away just because you need leather and vinyl repair. However, many boat owners simply “live with” damage to their boat not realizing how affordable it is to repair and what a difference it makes in keeping your boat looking new.

The same goes with cars. Auto leather repair is big business, but it’s not just for the car connoisseur. It’s for the Moms as well, that have had little ones scratch or wear the leather. When my children were young, the child car seats heavily damaged my leather. Your car may be older, but it doesn’t have to look like it.

Do you own a recreational vehicle? If so, you’re not just traveling in it, you are living in it for extended periods of time. Don’t live with torn or even faded seats. Keep the interior of your traveling home looking brand new.

How many times have you dined out, even at a nicer restaurant, and noticed damage to the booths or vinyl and leather chairs? Again, restaurants assume the only solution is to replace it. But a professional leather and vinyl repair specialist could repair it and save them thousands of dollars.

That leads us to leather cleaning and leather dyeing. If you have leather furniture then you know how the oils from our skin can negatively affect your property. If you have your furniture properly cleaned and even dyed, the results are astounding.

Most people are surprised by how much of a difference leather restoration can make. It really does make your item look brand new.

So, the next time you’re about to spend a lot of money on that brand new furniture, car, boat and so forth, let us show you how we can help you keep your money. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be on a cruise.

We look forward to working with you.

Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise

Federal Trade Commission LogoThe Federal Trade Commission offers a great consumer guide to purchasing a franchise.  The document is full of franchise business information and it gives some excellent advice for those who are looking for a business franchise opportunity.

The FTC states that “When you buy a franchise, you often can sell goods and services that have instant name recognition, and get training and support that can help you succeed.”

We couldn’t agree more.  If you purchase a franchise you are purchasing a name and a reputation.  You should choose a franchise with a reputation for excellence.  And that gives you the opportunity to build on to an already established reputable company.

And the importance of seeking out a company that will give you all the training and support you will need.  Without this, it’s a waste of your time and hard earned investment money.

They also stress the importance of asking the right questions of any company you are considering purchasing a franchise from.  You need to know your rights as well as your limitations.

For instance, with Leather Medic, we protect the areas of our current franchisees.  We don’t allow another Leather Medic to be opened within a certain radius of any other leather medic.  We want to help protect our franchisees from competition.

They also suggest that you investigate as much as possible.  You will want to make certain there is a market for the product you choose with little competition.  That’s another benefit to choosing leather medic.  Our franchisees are growing their businesses substantially because of the direct need in the market place for leather restoration professionals.

We support the FTC and their consumer guide mainly because we know the high standards we hold and how well they hold up.

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