Protecting Leather When You Have Pets

Leather couches or seats made of leather as opposed to cloth tend to be more comfortable and more durable. However, if you have pets, their claws may cause scratches or gouges that may result in issues both from a durability and aesthetic standpoint. What can you do to go about protecting leather surfaces from your favorite feline or canine friend?

Keep Your Pets Off of the Furniture

For the most part, the first step in protecting leather furniture is to train your dog or cat to stay off of the couch. If you have a cat, you may be able to discourage it from clawing at the couch or love seat by giving it a scratching post to use instead. You may also be able to put aluminum foil near the furniture or spray it with anything that has a citrus scent. If you have a dog, a little obedience training can teach it to sit by the couch without jumping onto it.

Provide Spaces For Your Pets

If you don’t like the thought of your pet being too far from its family, you can put blankets or covers on sections where you want the animal to sit. Over time, it will learn that it can sit only where there is a blanket or some other cover. Fortunately, dogs and cats alike prefer to nest or knead something soft before they go to sleep. Therefore, they may gravitate toward a covered seat.

Wipe It Down Regularly

One benefit to owning leather is that it is easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it with a cloth on a weekly basis. If your animal sheds or drools, it may be a good idea to wipe the couch down once per day. It may also be a good idea to use a product such as Febreeze or another deodorizer to get rid of tougher odors.

Make Nail Trimming a Habit

No matter what type of furniture that you have, it is always a good idea to keep your pet’s nails trimmed. In addition to keeping them healthy and comfortable, trimmed nails are less likely to scratch the leather. For those with cats, it may be possible to cover their nails instead of cutting them.

Have the Leather Inspected Periodically

Most leather furniture providers will give you a warranty or some sort of service plan when you buy a couch or another piece. If you don’t have a warranty or service plan from the manufacturer, you can get one from your local leather repair service. Having your leather inspected and repaired promptly can prevent small scratches or gouges from becoming larger problems.

If you like leather, there is no reason not to furnish your home with it. Although having a pet can be messy at times, there are plenty of ways to make sure that both your furry friend and your couch can live a long and happy life together. Contact Leather Medic if you have any questions regarding leather maintenance of restoration.

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Repair the Vinyl or Leather Surfaces Inside a Camper or Trailer

If you want to go camp or travel, then it is often more economical to have a camper or trailer than staying in hotels. When you buy a used camper or trailer, it may require repairs to the interior to make it more attractive and functional. Fortunately, an expert leather and vinyl repair technician can fix several surfaces in a used camper or trailer. You don’t need to bring the item to a repair shop because a technician can fix everything in a camper or trailer with the tools and substances that she keeps inside her service van.

Types of Leather and Vinyl Trailer or Camper Repairs

Some of the vinyl or leather surfaces inside a camper or trailer can include:

• The dashboard
• Driver and passenger seats
• Couches and chairs in the dining and living areas
• Walls and ceilings
• Door panels
• Storage covers

A Technician Can Make Damaged Vinyl and Leather Look New Again

In addition to having loose stitches or ugly rips, vinyl and leather surfaces can begin to peel from the constant exposure to hot or cold temperatures. If the leather and vinyl surfaces are exposed to sunlight, then the items can also start to fade or discolor. Another reason for damage to the vinyl or leather surfaces in a recreational vehicle is from natural wear and tear. Whatever the reason for having damage inside a camper or trailer, you can make it look perfect again by contacting a knowledgeable technician.

Technicians Can Repair Rips and Apply Dye

With expert vinyl and leather repair services, it is possible to have ripped stitches on seats and seatbacks fixed. If the stuffing has escaped from a leather or vinyl couch seat, then the technician can insert new fiberfill to make the surface comfortable again. When a wall panel is discolored, a technician can apply dye to the surface to improve its appearance. Restoring the interior of a camper or trailer can make your home away from home a beautiful place to live for several weeks or months.

Vinyl and Leather Repair Increases the Value of a Recreational Vehicle

When your trailer or camper looks attractive, you will feel proud to have guests enter the recreational vehicle. If you decide to sell your camper or trailer later, then it will have a higher value because you had its interior fixed to look brand-new.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Our Services

At Leather Medic in Fort Myers and Naples, Fla., we have many years of experience making repairs to all types of vinyl and leather. As a mobile leather and vinyl repair service, our customers can count on having uniformed and friendly background screened technicians on their properties. With our mobile repairs, we can work at a home or business to complete vinyl and leather repairs when it is most convenient for our customers. Contact us today at 239-482-2027 to learn more about leather and vinyl repair.

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Sell Your Car for More Through Leather Restoration

Do you have a car with leather seats, a leather steering wheel cover or leather on the dash? If so, that car could be worth a lot of money. However, that’s only true if the leather is in good condition, which means investing in leather restoration may be worth your time and money.

Would You Buy a Car With Cracked or Faded Leather?

If you were buying a car, you probably wouldn’t pay top dollar for a vehicle that had cracked or faded leather. While there may be nothing wrong with the leather or the way that the car drives, it certainly wouldn’t look or smell like a new car. By repairing or replacing the leather seats and trim, you entice a buyer with a car that looks new and has something close to that new car smell that is part of the fun of buying a vehicle.

Buyers Want Accurate Replicas of Old Cars

Most consumers understand that a vehicle from the 1950s or 60s is likely going to be a restoration. However, that restoration needs to look and feel just like it did when it was first made several decades ago. If a car had a leather interior, you need to recreate it with a leather interior. In addition, you should try to use the same or close to the same quality of leather in the vehicle as well if you want to be faithful to the era or expect to get high-end value in a sale.

Repairing or Replacing Leather Shows Attention to Detail

Before you sell your house, you likely take the time to paint the front door, mow the lawn and edge the garden. This is done in an effort to show potential buyers that you pay attention to details and have maintained your property well. The same concept applies when you are trying to sell your car. New or restored leather in the car’s interior shows that you care about the details and that you have properly maintained your vehicle. Even if it doesn’t necessarily result in a higher sale price, it will make the car more attractive to buyers and easier to sell.

When selling most types of assets, you may need to spend money to make money. This means investing in quality leather repair or restoration before attempting to sell your car. Doing so can help you make your car more attractive on the market, which may entice a larger number of buyers to make an offer. That could start a bidding war and help you sell your car for more than your asking price or what it has been appraised for. To find out where your closest Leather Medic franchise is located and what the restoration will cost, request a service and a technician will get back to you as soon as possible. It will be well worth the investment!

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The Many Benefits of Working With a Leather Repair Business

If you or your organization have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on leather sofas, a car with a leather interior or seating used in public venues, you will want to keep it in good shape. Therefore, it is in your best interest to talk to a professional leather repair company about your maintenance needs.

Repairing Is Generally Easier Than Replacing

If you have a scratch on your sofa or a theater seat that is slightly cracked, you don’t want to replace the entire living room set or every seat in the theater. Instead, you can simply repair the damaged area and keep the item for further use and enjoyment.

Repairing Is Often Less Expensive Than Replacing

Replacing a whole row of seats could cost $1,000’s or more in time, labor and equipment. Repairing just what is damaged can be done without as much overhead, which means it is the economical way to keep your couch, boat or salon chair looking and feeling good.

Make Sure the Job Is Done Right

When a professional repairs your leather, you know that it is done right the first time. While it may cost a little more upfront, having to redo the same repair job multiple times will cost more overall.

Use the Best Leather & Dyes For the Repair

You should use the same quality and type of leather when you repair a damaged surface and only the best dyes that color-match the piece being worked on. This ensures that it blends in with the existing surface and helps the item retain its value. While a future buyer of your boat or car may not mind that the repaired leather or vinyl, it should still appear in good condition.

Preventative Service Can Extend an Item’s Useful Life

Keeping the leather on your salon chairs clean and treated with the right products means that it will last for many years instead of just a few months. The money that you don’t spend on equipment is money that can be added to your salary or the salaries of your employees.

Work Can Be Done at Any Time

You can have service scheduled for a day when the office is closed or that you have a day off from work. In a matter of hours, the job will be done with minimal to no interruption in your daily routine.

If you have a boat, a car or business equipment that has leather or vinyl elements, you need to maintain it properly to ensure it looks and feels its best over time. By calling a professional for service, you know that you are getting the job done right the first time and at a cost that you can afford.

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