Repaired And Ready For The New Year

Repaired And Ready For The New Year

The New Year is a time of renewal, promises, and expectations. It is also a time for dealing with unresolved problems. When winter weather makes repairs on the outside of a home difficult, it’s a good time to get busy with repairs and restoration needed inside. Businesses will want to make use of the colder winter months to redesign or rehab, in expectation of greater customer draw during the warmer months of the year.

Leather Medic is available year round to supply your leather repair needs. We do our work on site, at your home or business, as a convenience to you.

Leather Upholstery In Cars, Homes and Boats

Leather upholstery looks classy when it’s new. It’s one of the most comfortable types of furniture on the market. Over time, liquid stains and chemical changes can occur which dull the leather sheen. Body oil stains, smoke and cigarette burns can all cause problems for leather. Pointy objects and the claws of your pet can nick or tear leather and vinyl products, making them look like damaged goods.

These types of problems are easy to deal with, if you have the right equipment and expertise.

Leather Medic has both. We can restore your leather or vinyl to its original showroom sheen, matching its original color shade, and repairing any gashes or tears so well that you won’t even notice they were there. Remember that fantastic new leather smell your car had when you first bought it? We can restore that, too.

Leather Furniture In Businesses

At Leather Medic, we know that the leather or vinyl you choose to put in your office is part of your business brand. Business offices and beauty salons choose it for its comfort, style and customer appeal. The colors and textures of the leather are part of the overall design.

Medical clinics and restaurants have specialized needs. Leather is chosen to offer a germ-inhibiting environment that is also easy to clean.

Leather Medic is sensitive to the unique needs of your business. We will work within your business schedule to repair and restore leather furniture, and we can re-dye it if necessary, to create the right blend for your interior design. Our cleaning products are specifically designed to be gentle to leather and vinyl, while conditioning them, so that they can withstand the wear and tear of daily business use.

Here at Leather Medic, our teams are ready to usher you into the New Year. We will make your old things new again.

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Improve Your Spa or Beauty Salon’s Style With Vinyl & Leather Repair

Improve Your Spa Or Beauty Salon's Style With Vinyl & Leather Repair

Repair Beauty Salon Equipment

Anyone operating a beauty business has vinyl and leather chairs and couches designed for their patron’s use. Leather and vinyl objects in beauty salons, barbershops and day spas can develop worn areas, small rips or discolorations that require professional repair. Customers visiting a beauty salon or spa expect to see a gorgeous and clean interior that suggests the business is following health and safety codes. Instead of trying to repair items such as massage tables or styling chairs with poor quality do-it-yourself kits or adhesive tape, contact Leather Medic.

Hire a Mobile Service

The equipment used in barbershops, spas and beauty salons is too expensive to replace simply because of a few torn or worn areas on leather or vinyl. In addition, equipment such as pedicure chairs and reception sofas are too difficult to lift and transport to a brick-and-mortar location for repairs. The best solution is to call a mobile vinyl and leather repair service such as Leather Medic with 25 years of experience. Not only can a knowledgeable technician fix ripped and frayed vinyl or leather located on chairs and tables, it is possible to re-dye the materials.

Keep Spa Customers Happy

When customers enter a spa, beauty salon or barbershop, they expect to see a beautiful décor that indicates the business doing well and is an environment where they can relax and unwind. The first thing that patrons notice upon entering a business is the waiting area. If a receptionist is busy on the phone or talking to a client, then a customer may decide to sit and wait for service. While waiting, a perspective client will glance around to see the space, looking at wall art, carpeting and seating areas. When sofas and chairs are in an unsightly condition with holes or faded materials, the customer may decide to leave.

Maintain a Great Reputation

Torn seating is also uncomfortable to sit or recline on during beauty treatments, haircuts or massages. Having one piece of equipment in bad condition can lead to a poor reputation with customers. A customer noticing a torn chair while receiving a quick manicure on their lunch hour may not return later in the month for a haircut. In addition, that patron might tell friends and family members to avoid a business with poorly maintained equipment. The best time to call Leather Medic to get professional vinyl and leather repaired or refurbished is when the items have a small amount of damage.

Avoid Additional Equipment Damage

The trained technicians working for a Leather Medic franchise can arrive at a building when the facility is closed to avoid disturbing clients. Technicians bring the tools and materials required to dye spots on leather and vinyl caused by bleaching chemicals contained in hair care products. A technician can use a sewing device to stitch tears along seams or apply sealants to repair tears on other areas of equipment. Having leather and vinyl repaired as soon as possible can avoid contamination to underlying layers from body oils and hair strands.

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Surgical Repair For Your Medical Chair

Surgical Repair For Your Medical Chair

Your patients may be doing fine, but if your vinyl or leather medical chair is splitting, it may need an emergency surgery of its own. A doctor or dentist’s office needs to look professional, and nothing looks more unprofessional than vinyl or leather furniture that is frayed, splitting, or discolored.

Most medical and dental furniture is made from leather or vinyl, with good reason. These materials are durable, attractive, comfortable for patients, and easy to clean. They also tend to be hypoallergenic, which is obviously a big plus for a medical or dental office.

Although leather and vinyl are durable, they are prone to damage after a while. Human interaction can cause these materials to pit, or tear. Chemicals, and even sweat, can discolor them. Since medical and dental furniture is often electrically powered, if the leather becomes damaged, it can be expensive to replace.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace it. Leather Medic has the professional service needed to make your leather furniture look like new again. Leather Medic can restore and repair all of your medical and dental furniture that is made with leather or vinyl, such as these important items:

  • Blood Drawing Chair
  • Reclining Recovery chair
  • Electric Powered Exam Chairs
  • Pediatric Exam Table
  • Basic Exam Table
  • Waiting Room Chairs
  • Dental Chairs
  • Doctor’s Stool
  • Treatment Tables
  • Recovery Couches
  • Reception Room Sofa

There’s no need to bring your furniture to us. Leather Medic is a mobile service unit with many locations, so we can come directly to your office to restore your leather or vinyl furniture. Our technicians are trained in the unique qualities of leather and vinyl, and what it takes to restore them. We have special treatments that can remove stains and repair gashes. We can also dye precious leather items back to their lustrous original color. We can even restore that “new leather” smell that they had when you first bought them.

If your medical or dental chairs have suffered damage, turn to Leather Medic to perform an emergency operation to save them.

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Own The Luxury Vehicle of Your Dreams with Expert Leather Repair

Own the Luxury Vehicle of Your Dreams with Expert Leather Repair

Upholstery Repair

Anyone needing vinyl or leather repaired requires an expert with specialized training in the process. Not only is leather and vinyl repair necessary for small portable items, the service is needed for larger things such as furniture and vehicles. Leather Medic makes it simple for individuals to have vinyl and leather repair services at on-site locations to avoid transporting heavier things to a storefront. Most people are amazed at the wide assortment of things a trained leather craftsman can repair to make the object look brand-new. Instead of applying ugly duct tape or slipcovers to upholstery, hire a technician from Leather Medic.

Gather Information

Imagine looking for a used automobile and finding the perfect one with a seller eager to negotiate a fantastic price. The only problem is that the leather seats in the vehicle are riddled with rips along with intense fading from bright sunlight. In this case, both the seller and buyer are ready to discuss a new price point for the damaged automobile, but information is needed first. Before giving up on a great vehicle just because of upholstery that is in horrible condition, contact a craftsman from Leather Medic to inspect the damage.

Cost Estimate

It is possible for the potential buyer to photograph the seats of the vehicle with a digital camera to send in an email to the Leather Medic technician in their geographic region to determine the cost of repairs. After the knowledgeable craftsman views the photographs of the sun faded and torn seats, they can make an estimate concerning fixing the rips along with various dyeing options. With a written estimate from a Leather Medic craftsman, a buyer can discuss an offer for the used vehicle that reflects having the seats refinished or repaired.

Leather Dyeing

There is a possibility that other potential buyers have never considered negotiating a price for this automobile after meeting with a leather repair person. An individual attempting to buy a luxury used vehicle may not have this type of opportunity again, leading to an intense negotiation with the seller to explain the lower payment offer. After making a great deal on the vehicle with interior damage, the Leather Medic craftsmen arrives at the customer’s location to repair the torn seats, making it look beautiful again. In addition to vinyl and leather repair, a technician can dye the material to its original sheen or change it to a new color.

Specialized Skill

While the craftsman is fixing the damaged seats, this is a good time to have other repairs made to the interior such as removing stains from the floor’s carpeting or door panels. A Leather Medic repairperson can fix tears on a padded steering wheel, dashboard’s console or roof, ensuring the vehicle is in tip-top shape to impress anyone riding inside. After the vinyl or leather repairs are completed, drivers and passengers are unable to see where the repairs occurred because Leather Medic has 25 years of experience in this specialized skill.

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