What’s The Best Leather for Your Needs?

What's-The-Best-Leather-for-Your-NeedsA fine leather sofa looks better and tends to be more comfortable than a microfiber couch. Cars that have a leather interior tend to be priced higher than cars without leather because leather is seen as a luxury feature. Although leather can be a durable material that looks and feels great, how do you know if you are getting your money’s worth when you buy it?

Full Grain Is the Best Quality

Full grain leather is leather that has not been altered in any way. You can spot full grain leather at first glance because it will be full of imperfections such as scratches or marks from where the animal was bitten by fleas or mosquitoes. Full grain leather is preferable because it lasts the longest and is the most durable type of leather.

Don’t Be Fooled By Top Grain Leather

When you hear the phrase top grain, you may think that you are buying the highest quality leather on the market. Unfortunately for those who don’t any better, they could be paying full grain prices for a product that is not full grain quality. The main difference between top grain and full grain leather is the fact that top grain leather has been lightly sanded to get rid of imperfections.

The Imperfections Make the Leather Look Good

Like humans, cows have wrinkles on their skin. If you buy corrected grade leather, you are buying a product that has been buffed and sanded to create a perfectly smooth piece of leather. However, the corrected leather does not look as luxurious or feel as good as higher quality leather. Another downside to corrected grade leather is that it isn’t durable or good at withstanding even minor damage.

Is Bonded Leather Worth It?

Bonded leather is nothing more than scrap leather that has been put together with glue to create one cheap piece of leather. While bonded leather is the least expensive on the market, you won’t be purchasing anything close to a quality product. If you like the leather look and want the lowest price on the market, bonded leather is what you want to go with. However, it may be better to go with fabric as opposed to leather if you want something inexpensive that will last for a reasonable period of time.

Not all leather is created equal. For those who are looking for the highest quality leather, full grain leather offers consumers the best value for their luxury dollar. When you go to buy leather, always keep in mind that imperfections in the leather are a sign of a high quality and long lasting product.


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Cleaning And Care For Light Colored Leather

Cleaning-And-Care-For-Light-Colored-LeatherLight colored leather furniture is a favorite, for it blends well with many design motifs and settings. Sectional sofas and chairs are inviting and attractive in a soft and supple covering of light colored leather. One must balance the enjoyment of the soft seating luxury style with the effort required to keep surfaces looking fresh, for leather is vulnerable to dirt and stains.

Prevention is the best cleaning solution for light colored leather. It is an appealing finish for furniture, durable and it ages beautifully. However, it requires care because leather stains and can be soiled, and light colored leathers show more dirt and stains than dark colors. There are some easily identified common causes of dirt and stains on light colored leather.

Grease and oils are leading causes of stains and dirt on light colored leather furniture. Dirty hands are an obvious source, but oils from skin can also stain leather, further, once present, oils allow other dirt to form and stay on the surface.

Smoke and fireplace soot are dark and oily. One fireplace or kitchen mishap can fill a room with staining flakes of carbon and oils. While one smoky event can darken the light colored sofa, the gradual coatings from normal cooking, and fireplace burning leaves a barely seen residue that builds over time to a noticeable darker shade.

Newsprint ink from newspapers and magazines are a prime source of leather stains. Cloth dyes can also rub into light colored leather. The color fastness of cloths varies with the type and the method of infusing color. One should use light colored blankets and throw covers to avoid dark stain transfers, and one should test for colorfastness with any blanket or throw.

Promoting even wear is another way to prevent excessive dirt in one or a few areas of a light colored leather piece. One can move a sofa so that the most used spot will change, such as the end near an end table or near an entertainment center. Maintenance of the surface and treatment with leather conditioning products will keep the surface naturally stain resistant and supple. Cracks and splits collect dirt and embedded dirt is difficult to remove.

The following are some useful and effective cleaning pointers for light colored leather furniture including the use of professional care.

First, use the right cleaning equipment. Some skincare or defoliating gloves can do far more than a cloth and leather cleaner for removing dirt embedded in the grain.

Second, do not let stains set. Quick action with a dry or slightly moist cloth can remove nearly all of a stain or spill, and the opposite is true, allowing it to stand will reduce the effectiveness of surface cleaning.

Third, maintain regular dusting. Dust in the air settles on light colored leather furniture and it builds. Dust settles in the folds, splits, and creases in leather and is difficult to remove. Regular dusting can prevent or minimize the build-up.

Finally, regular cleanings for light colored leather will likely be frequent. Dark colors need one to two cleanings per year under average conditions. Light colored leather needs more cleaning; for it is simply true, the light colors show more dirt and stains. All leathers, including light colored leather, need skilled professional care from time to time. When clean, the leather surface shows small cracks and seams that come with aging, and with the effects of dirt and oil.

The results of a professional cleaning treatment can raise the color a complete shade when contrasting the cleaned surface with the day-to-day appearance before cleaning. Professional conditioning will restore the surface, reduce visible splits and seams, and give the leather a fresh appearance. Leather Medic provides expert leather cleaning and conditioning for leathers in all styles and colors.

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Keep Your Business Looking Sharp

Keep-Your-Business-Looking-SharpIf you run a business or own a commercial property, you want it to look as good as it possibly can. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a company or two on speed dial that can come to your location to help you keep things clean and looking new. This is especially important if you have any leather surfaces.

Leather Can Crack or Wear

Older leather can become cracked or worn if not taken care of. When your customers come in, they don’t want to see cracked leather or faded colors. Instead, they want to see something that pops out at them as soon as they walk in. Remember, if you don’t take the time to keep your building clean, your clients may not think that you take anything else seriously as well. The good news is that a professional can clean, wipe down or replace your leather in just a few minutes or few hours and leave it looking as good as new.

Leather May Become Loose Over Time

If you are in an area that experiences changes in temperature on a frequent basis, the leather that covers chairs in your waiting room or any other surface could sag or become loose. This is because the leather will expand and contract when the temperature gets extremely hot or extremely cold. For example, if you have doors that have leather handles, those handles may experience a lot of cold air during the winter and warm air during the summer. To ensure that your customers don’t hurt themselves or lose their grip on a door or railing, it is imperative that a professional leather expert comes to take a look at that leather as soon as it becomes an issue.

Almost Anything Can Leave Marks on Leather

While leather looks great and feels great to the touch, almost anything can leave a mark on its surface. If you run a vet’s office, a cat could easily scratch the leather on a chair or even on the table that the cat is being seen on. Children who have greasy or dirty fingers after playing in a lobby or at preschool could cause a leather couch to become streaky. For sanitary reasons as much as aesthetic reasons, the leather should be cleaned by a professional.

The best part about using our services is that we can come to you. If you don’t have time to bring in a chair for repair or it isn’t possible to uproot your entire lobby for repairs, we will bring our supplies, knowledge, and friendly service to you in an effort to be as helpful as possible.

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