Leather Medic® is the leather repair and finishing expert.

Leather Medic® is a mobile service business specializing in leather repair and refinishing. In addition to our technicians being mobile, they are uniformed, professional, licensed, insured, and the very best in the leather repair and refinishing business. Our highly skilled Leather Medic® technicians can clean, condition, repair and refinish or re-dye all types of leather.

Meet Your Local Leather Medic®

Leather Medic®’s founder, Chade Life, is part surgeon, part artist and part magician. Although reluctant to say it himself, he is probably the finest and most skilled practitioner in the country.

Chade spent over twenty-one years refining his craft. He recognized that there would be a significant and ongoing demand for expert craftsmen who mastered the art of repairing and refinishing fine leathers.

He was surprised to learn at the time that there were only three individuals (now retired) in North America with real expertise in this area. He studied with each of them and worked hard through the years to develop his leather expertise. Over time, he developed a process and method that raised the art of leather repair to a new level.

Amazing Results! Leather Medic® will put the life back in your leather!

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Chair Before and After Leather Restoration

Leather Medic specialize in the restoration of worn, faded and damaged leather.

Leather Medic ® of Fort Myers and Naples has the knowledge and experience to repair, restore, and re-dye any type of damaged leather. Here are just a few of the items we can help you with:

  • Aircraft Consoles
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Automobile Interiors
  • Automobile Seats
  • Boat Seats and Consoles
  • Boat and Yacht Interiors
  • Commercial Furniture
  • Leather Chairs
  • Leather Sofas
  • Leather Tables
  • Motorcycle Seats
  • Motorcycle Saddlebags

and so much more!