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4 Steps to Guarantee Franchise Business Success – Step 3

In this four-part blog series we give our very best advice to creating a successful small business franchise.   We always notice what makes a home-based business successful and pass that information on to our franchisees.

Step 3 | The Power of Consistency

This is one of the most critical steps of any business, not just a home-based business.  Once you have your franchise training and fully planned strategies, it becomes your responsibility to consistently work those plans.

But finding the motivation to be consistent over a long period of time can be difficult.  Once you understand the critical importance of consistently working your plans and the benefits that arise, you realize the greater your potential for creating a successful franchise.

By being consistent with your marketing strategy you are constantly adding possible clients to your funnel. Eventually, you will begin to see results, but only after a length of time of not letting up from your plan.

When companies and home-based businesses try to increase their Google rankings, it is a general rule of thumb that you won’t see results for approximately 3 to 6 months.  Many companies give up quickly thinking they are not progressing when in fact they are. It just takes consistency and time.

The same goes for working your business strategy and your follow-up strategy.  After you purchase a franchise you must consistently work both in order to build a strong reputation for your business.  By creating a strong reputation you increase trust with your target market as well as a strong referral base.

And for any home-based business, a strong word of mouth referral system is invaluable.

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