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7 Habits That Can Shorten The Lifespan Of Your Leather Couch

The sofa becomes your source of comfort after a tiring day at work. However, when you become too relaxed, you forget that your behavior can shorten the lifespan of your furniture. Sure, watching TV while sitting on your sofa isn’t that bad, but the habits that you develop while sitting on the couch can result in premature wear and tear, and as they say, old habits die hard. Find out what these seven habits are.

1. You sit on the same spot

There is no doubt that the sofa is one of the favorite spots for relaxation. Whenever you want to watch games or TV shows, you always end up sitting in the same spot. This habit can cause the fibers on your sofa to crush. Since it also contains springs, such a habit can also wear the springs down. Instead of sitting in the same spot, why not try mixing it up? You can sit on the right side one day and on the left another day. This technique will distribute the weight and prevent your sofa from deteriorating quickly.

2. Not rotating the cushions

Another way that you can extend the life of your sofa is by regularly rotating the cushions. Every now and then, try to flip them over, ensuring that you switch them around to various spots. This technique keeps your cushion in shape and gets rid of sagging.

3. Sleeping on the sofa

Your sofa is designed for sitting and not for sleeping. While it can be quite tempting to sleep, your sofa cannot handle all the weight. If you sleep on your sofa often, it will cause the cushion and frame to sag. Prolonged use can also cause deterioration. A quick nap is fine, but if you are going to use your sofa as a substitute for your bed by sleeping on it for full 8 hours, then you are only causing damage to your sofa.

4. Not cleaning it

Your sofa is a major investment. You cannot simply place it in your living room and forget about it. It also needs TLC. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, there can be dust and other tiny particles that are not visible in your naked eye. Bits of food, dust particles, and dead skin cells can cause your sofa to get dirty. Extend the life of your sofa by cleaning it regularly.

5. Exposing it to sunlight

Your leather couch will deteriorate and fade over time if you leave it in a spot where it is exposed to direct sunlight. This habit can cause your sofa to lose its original color. Be sure to keep your sofa out of the sun by rotating it regularly so it will look brand new.

6. Not removing stains

Stains from soda spills need to be cleaned immediately. When you allow stains to set in, cleaning them will be a challenge. Do not allow stains to penetrate into the fabric. Clean it right away to save your sofa.

7. Allowing pets to sit on it

As much as you love your pets, you should set some limitations which include prohibiting them from sitting on your leather couch. They can scratch the fabric leaving an unsightly mark. Scratches cannot be undone. Give your pets a comfortable bed where they can stay.

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