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5 Things To Consider Before Boat Seat Repair

5 Things To Consider Before Boat Seat Repair

Your boat is a valuable investment that you worked hard to obtain, and you want to keep making memories on the water for years to come. Unfortunately, weathering, damage, and onboard activity can quickly degrade the quality of your boat seats. Avoid unsightly damage by hiring a boat seat repair professional.

Keep these five important questions in mind when you’re considering repairing your boat seats.

1. What Causes Damage?

Most modern boats have marine-grade vinyl or leather seating that withstands high winds and salt water. Nevertheless, boat seats are more fragile than they may appear.

Some boating enthusiasts don’t realize how quickly vinyl material can degrade after use. Damage can occur due to:

  • Excessive water
  • Mold and mildew
  • Impact with objects or passengers
  • Improper boat storage
  • Aging
  • Soda, alcohol, food stains

2. When Should You Seek Repairs?

Avid boat owners will eventually experience one or many of the above issues, but when is it appropriate to seek repairs?

It’s best to repair your boat seats if you notice unsightly discoloration, holes, or changes in the surface texture. You should always seek repairs if you smell any unpleasant odors, which indicate that mold is spreading somewhere in your fabric.

Ask a professional if you aren’t sure how severe the damage is. You can contact a reupholstering company to assess and restore your property with a commercial-grade vinyl repair experience.

3. How Much Vinyl and Color Is Necessary?

Depending on your interior style preferences, you may need to invest in new vinyl for your boat seat repairs. A professional will accurately measure your seats, so you aren’t spending money on vinyl you won’t use. Additionally, a reliable company will offer a catalog of fabric colors and patterns for you to browse.

Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions. These professionals will recommend materials that enhance your boat’s style and last for years.

4. How Long Does Boat Seat Repair Take?

Understand that seat repairs and reupholstering take time to complete. The best repair companies pay close attention to detail when measuring and replacing seat material. If you plan to attend a boating event or simply want to get back on the water quickly, schedule repairs as soon as possible.

Smaller boats with one to four seats may only take a day to repair, while larger boats and yachts may require more time. Some companies may need to order specific vinyl products if they are not readily available.

5. Are You Reupholstering with the Right Company?

Choosing the right repair company could mean the difference between getting quality repairs and wasting your money. Fortunately, you can use online testimonials and reviews to begin your search. A company with multiple five-star reviews is certainly worth exploring.

At Leather Medic®, we take pride in delivering world-class results to all our customers. If you need help replacing the vinyl on your boat seats, we can help. Our team has years of experience handling reupholstering for boats, aircraft, RVs, and more.

Contact Leather Medic in Fort Myers, FL, at (239) 482-2027 to learn more about our boat seat repair services.

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