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Common Leather Furniture Issues to Watch Out For

Common Leather Furniture Issues to Watch Out For

The global leather market is worth over 400 billion U.S. dollars. That’s a lot! But, when you’re buying leather products, you’ll want to know all about the different problems that could come up.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go through the most common leather furniture issues you should be watching out for.

Fading Colors

Leather is durable, but that doesn’t mean that the color can last forever. You need to protect your leather furniture’s color before it fades. Try and keep your furniture away from sources of heat or direct sunlight, which can exacerbate the fading color.

Depending on how the color of your leather furniture was implemented, it may be easier or harder to repair. Leather that has been pigmented is pretty simple to repair, so you’re unlikely to have any issues.

Peeling Leather

Have you found your sofa peeling? This is a common issue when it comes to leather furniture. The peeling can be caused by damage, or it can be a problem due to the leather not being processed properly in the first place. Bonded or synthetic forms are particularly prone to peeling. This is especially true if you use the wrong cleaning products.

Products that contain alcohol, for instance, and be drying and make your leather furniture more prone to peeling or cracking. So, to prevent peeling, you should always be careful about what products you use on your leather furniture and keep them out of areas where they could be exposed to inclement weather.

Damage From Body Oil

It may seem weird, but the oils from your skin can eventually rub off on your furniture. The oil from your body can discolor your furniture and cause dark patches. And, these oils could even eventually lead the leather to crack.

Leather furniture repair can help you reverse damage from body oil on your furniture. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to prevent damage in the first place.

To prevent body oil damage to your couch, try and stay off your couch when you’re covered in sweat or just finished a workout. You can also put a blanket down to prevent your sweat from seeping into the leather. It’s also always important to perform leather maintenance. Clean and moisturize your leather furniture regularly.


Leather can sometimes puddle, where it gets loose in spots. Frequent use can make this more prevalent, like for furniture you sit on.

So, how to fix puddling on leather? Well, you’ll have to look into how to tighten leather. You can also ask professionals to help you figure out how to prevent leather puddling to continue to happen in the future.

Common Leather Furniture Issues: Now You Know

With your new awareness of these common leather furniture issues, you’ll be able to keep your furniture looking its best.

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