Quality Leather Repair

Great Franchise Training Equals Happy Clients

We pride ourselves on our skilled technicians. We offer the best franchise training in the country.

It’s frustrating to watch people pour their hard-earned money into a new home-based business franchise that offers very little training.  A lot of other companies take advantage of people wanting to start their own business. They take their money and throw them to the wolves.

That doesn’t happen with us.

If someone is purchasing a franchise with Leather Medic, we want them to succeed.

The best way we can do that is by making certain our franchisees offer a great product.  Our people are a part of our product.

Leather Medic extensively trains our technicians in every detailed aspect of leather and vinyl repair.  They quite literally become experts in their field.

Great technicians lead to great service which leads to happy clients, and a successful leather restoration franchise.

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