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Habits That Ruin Your Leather Furniture

Habits That Ruin Your Leather Furniture

Treating leather furniture inappropriately can lead to premature wear and tear. Damaged leather takes on an unsightly visual, which can change your furnishing’s attractiveness and comfort. 

You might ask yourself, “Can leather furniture be repaired?” You could repair a leather couch depending on the extent of the damage. However, you can prevent the need for premature or frequent repairs by following the best practices to maintain the materials’ suppleness, attractiveness, and integrity.

This post reviews some habits you might not realize contribute to leather furniture damage.

1. Sitting in the Same Spot

Sitting in the exact location on the couch frequently can lead to crushed leather fibers. The springs in the sofa will also wear prematurely in one spot, creating an unwanted dip in your favorite corner.

Consider distributing weight evenly on a couch by sitting on different sides. This will allow the sofa to experience weight and wear evenly.

2. Positioning Leather Furniture by Heat Sources

The heat from sunlight, portable heaters, radiators, and furnace vents can cause leather furniture to dry out. Leather needs a bit of moisture to keep it soft and supple. The material can dry up and develop wrinkles and cracks with prolonged exposure to heat.

Sunlight can also fade furniture with direct exposure to sunlight. Can leather furniture be repaired if it sits too close to a window or heat source? Yes, but it’s best to put the sofa away from heat to avoid the issue.

3. Sleeping on the Couch

Sporadically sleeping on the furniture might not be problematic, but you will have a problem if you recline on it often. Leather couches can’t handle too much weight. When you lay on the furniture frequently, the frame and cushions will weaken and sag.

4. Failing To Clean the Leather

Your leather sofa has a porous surface, making it vulnerable to stains and dirt. Food crumbs, dead skin cells, and dust will cause your sofa to look dull and dirty if you don’t clean it regularly. Dust your sofa weekly using a dry microfiber cloth, and immediately soak up spills to prevent stains.

5. Using the Wrong Cleaners

You can use lukewarm water, a dry cloth, and a leather conditioner to maintain leather furniture. Try to avoid cleaners like oils, polishes, and soaps that could stain the material. If you don’t know how to clean your sofa or what detergents are safe for use, seek expert advice from a leather repair company.

Maintain Your Leather Furniture With Leather Medic®

Can leather furniture be repaired if you engage in bad habits with your couch? The answer is “yes.”

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