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Have the Real Thing Instead of an Expensive Imitation

Have the Real Thing Instead of an Expensive Imitation

Vintage Look

Anyone who enjoys watching television programs or viewing movies knows that historical and vintage themes are now popular. If you have ever wondered how entertainment set designers are able to find gorgeous pieces in good condition, then it is time to learn about professional vinyl or leather repair. Many of the items made of leather and vinyl in movies, television shows or on stages were repaired to make it look brand-new. With a high quality repair to a leather or vinyl item found at a garage sale or flea market, it is possible for you to also have a vintage or historical look in a home.

Reproduction Merchandise

When shopping in furniture and home accessory stores, customers are finding expensive reproduction merchandise made to look like period pieces from the 50’s, 60’s, Victorian, etc. The price tags on these reproductions are shocking to see and completely unaffordable for many individuals. For anyone wanting the real thing in their home, buying vintage items at yard sales is more affordable. Guests visiting a home are impressed when a host can tell them that the rust colored vinyl recliner they are sitting on is a real piece of furniture from the 1970s rather than an imitation.

Knowledgeable Repairs

Vintage merchandise is often found at estate sales or charity shops, but the items typically have some damage from normal wear and tear. Furniture such as couches or love seats might have rips along seams that are possible for an expert to repair. Other problems that can occur to old vinyl and leather objects are discolorations and spots from sunlight damage. A knowledgeable leather repair technician can arrive at a customer’s home or business to make repairs to leather and vinyl furniture, making the process easier and less expensive.

Save Money

An important consideration when choosing vintage goods over reproductions is the overall price of the item. When looking for a reproduction piece of furniture inspired by the 1950s in a specialty store, the item can cost thousands of dollars because it is one of a kind. Alternatively, it is possible to find the same item for sale at a charity shop for less than $100, but the reason it was overlooked by others is that it requires repairs to ripped arms or cushion seats. A vinyl or leather repair tech can repair the furniture for less than the reproduction item, leading to a huge savings. A shopper then has a real piece of furniture from a particular era for a home or business rather than an expensive imitation.

Fix Vintage Heirlooms

In addition to repairing leather and vinyl vintage furniture such as barstools, ottomans or dining room chairs, a well-trained leather repair technician can fix valuable clothing, yachts, RV’s and more. Someone finding a vintage leather jacket or vest from the 1970s that was worn by a famous individual, may want to have a rip repaired or a spot dyed. Yet another person might have always dreamed of restoring a classic car or old yacht. Perhaps they enjoy tinkering with the engine or woodwork, but don’t have the skills or knowledge to restore seats to new condition. In either case, contacting Leather Medic® will help get your project under way!

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