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Home Remedies Ruining Your Leather

The internet provides a source of great information and an enormous amount of misinformation. For many home-based businesses and consumers, they turn to the internet to find answers to many of their questions.

Oiling Your Leather:

This idea was likely born from the practice of “oiling” a baseball glove to keep the leather soft and pliable.  However, if you utilize the practice of “oiling” on leather furniture or other leather products in your home, you risk damaging your leather and creating the need to have a professional providing leather restoration for your product. The oil is absorbed into the leather, saturating it, and seeping into the back of the leather.  It will then begin to resurface sporadically causing unsightly oily spots on your leather product.

Hair Spray:

Many places on the internet suggest the use of hair spray to remove ink stains on leather or other various marks.  This is a very damaging method for your home leather repair remedies.  The problem with hair spray is that it contains alcohol.  Alcohol damages leather easily.  And hair spray is usually not effective at removing spots anyway. It also creates another adverse effect because of the sticky residue of the product, even more, dirt will adhere to the area causing a more noticeable spot.

Fingernail Polish Remover:

Nail Polish remover contains a harsh chemical called acetone.  The acetone removes the color from your area of leather repair leaving a bleached out spot on your product.  You need to avoid anything that contains acetone and alcohol.


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