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Leather Chair Dilemma: When Repair Is Better Than Replacement

There will come a time when you need to make a tough decision, which is crucial to improving the overall appearance of your restaurant. Owning a restaurant is not just about satisfying the palate as you also need to tickle other senses such as the sense of smell and of course, the sense of sight. When it comes to pleasing the sense of sight, it is not just about creating an impressive food presentation. You should also create an ambiance where customers will feel welcome. Your furniture has a lot to do with this creating this kind of ambiance. So in case you notice that your chairs could use a little improvement, that is when you decide whether repair or replacement should be considered.

The common misconception about investing in a food business is that you should only focus on the food you serve. Truth be told, there are aspects of the restaurant business that you should also pay serious attention to. If you have leather furniture pieces, you should watch out for signs of wear and tear. It is part and parcel of having this type of furniture. Some can get away with simply restoring the leather to its original color, while others may require extensive restoration as the leather furniture is beyond recognizable. Like any decision you make, it always pays to weigh the pros and cons and take a look at the bigger picture.

Comfort as part of the decision-making process

Picture yourself as the customer sitting at a table or a booth. Now, how would you feel if the chairs have tears, rips or cigarette burns? These are indicators that your leather furniture is in need of repair at any rate. Nothing can be worse than sitting on a bench or at a booth with cracks or rips. Having a great dining experience will be far from happening. Restaurant chairs that have been exposed to sun damage look outdated. They can leave a lasting impression on customers. The first thing that people notice is the interior design of your restaurant. Unless you are trying to pull off a rustic theme, an old and outdated leather chair will not make the cut.

Whether you are an owner or manager, keeping your dining room presentable is a requirement. While areas with high customer traffic are prone to wear and tear, it does not mean that they do not deserve pampering and that leaves you with two options: repair or replace. When you replace items, the cost can be very expensive considering the number of damaged tables, chairs, and booths.

The cost-effective alternative to furniture replacement

The good news is that you do not have to blow off your savings on buying expensive furniture just to get rid of the damaged pieces due to operational wear and tear. Savvy restaurant owners consider a partnership with leather repair companies a practical move. It can significantly save your restaurant business hundreds or even thousands of dollars in furniture replacement costs. While it is commonly perceived that you build the reputation of your restaurant on food offerings and customer service, comfort should also be a priority as people also prefer restaurants with a comfortable dining environment. A space that has not been repaired makes customers uncomfortable and uneasy.

Before giving your furniture pieces a major facelift, you should also ask yourself two things:

1. Can you afford to replace old or worn restaurant furniture?

2. Do you have the tools, patience, skills and time to tackle a furniture improvement project yourself?

If the answer is no on both accounts, you need a repair and restoration specialist who can handle the restoration work.

Myth Debunked!

While high-quality furniture pieces are built to last, they are still not impervious to damage. For many restaurant owners, any sign of rips or tear should mean completely replacing the items. Due to the cost of replacing the furniture, problems with worn furniture often end up unaddressed. You should not suffer from the high cost of replacement. All you need is a restoration professional who can expertly repair deep cracks, rips, and tears. Once your leather furniture undergoes thorough repair and restoration work, your chair will almost look like brand new. In fact, high-quality restoration work can pass itself as a full replacement. Unless your leather furniture is no longer functional, there is no reason to go the replacement route.

Your customers will not only keep on coming back because of the delicious food you serve but also because of the ambiance of your restaurant. It has a lot to do with the comfort that your furniture pieces provide. Your customers can leave poor or negative reviews if your space does not offer the comfort that they deserve. When you make a conscious effort to make your guests a top priority, you can be sure that you will earn a good reputation. As soon as you notice signs of wear and tear, call a restoration professional to bring your furniture back to life.

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