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Marine Upholstery: Enhance Your Boat Furniture

Are you thinking about updating the interior of your boat? Being your investment, it is important that you take essential steps to preserve its beauty. You do not only focus on its exteriors but the interiors as well. In increasing comfort when you are sleeping on board, your upholstery has to be in good condition. Replacing your marine upholstery needs the expert hands of a professional.

Why hire a marine upholstery professional to do the job?

When you decide to re-upholster your boat’s interior or exterior, you can count on a marine upholstery professional because they have the skills and experience. These professionals are not only the individuals who specialize in reupholstering residential furniture as their variances are big. They also use a specific type of thread made especially for marine upholstery.

The marine thread is not the type that you get to use for sewing ordinary fabric. This type of thread serves as the glue that binds your boat upholstery. It is one of the essential elements of marine upholstery. Since their purpose is to hold the fabric together, your upholsterer will know the highest quality thread that will be used to achieve the desired outcome.

Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE is one of the most durable threads on the market. It is similar to Teflon. This type of thread can be exposed to salt, chemicals, sun or even pollution without worrying about premature damage. It can last longer as compared to other types of thread. As they say, quality comes at a price. So when you compare PTFE with other threads, this one is a bit pricier. However, its quality can justify the cost.

Other cost-effective variants include polyester and polyester dacron. These threads can resist the damaging effects of UV. Some are also made to be anti-wick. The threads are also resistant to heat and chemical. However, this does not mean that they will remain durable forever. They will eventually weaken with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Boat inspection is important

Once you have successfully chosen an upholsterer to perform the job, you should get them to check the boat personally to fully understand the nature of the job. Marine reupholstery will require taking measurements and photos to guarantee great results. Boat visits are critical to the process. If an upholsterer refuses to inspect the furniture, then consider it a red flag. Assuming measurements spells trouble.

Choosing the fabric for your boat

Before you start the reupholstery project, the upholsterer will ask you about the fabric you want to use. The aspects that will be taken into account are the texture, color, and style. You should also think about the patterns. If the selection process seems confusing, you can always ask an experienced professional to provide you with recommendations. Ask yourself a few questions so you can get in the right direction. Some helpful questions are as follows:

  • Are there children on board?
  • Is the boat exposed to direct sunlight?
  • Does your boat require annual storage?
  • Do you want to upgrade the appearance of your upholstery or restyle it?

Choosing the foam for marine upholstery

The foam is also vital to your decision. The foam may vary by resistance and densities.

Polyester Fiberfill: This type of foam is a cost-effective option and commonly used for pillows and cushions.

Compressed Polyester: This is another inexpensive option that is suitable for occasional seating. The best example is your patio furniture. After getting wet, compressed polyester will air dry easily.

Open Cell Foam: The Open Cell Foam contains open pores that allow air and water to flow through. It is a cool and comfortable option, more commonly used in mattress or seating cushion.

Polyurethane Foam: This foam is also an affordable option. It has a medium firmness and ideal for mattress and seating applications. This foam soaks up the water when it gets wet.

Closed Cell Foam: Closed Cell foam is suitable for floatation applications. They are often used in vests and cockpit cushions. This type of foam does not have water absorption and you can also cover it with any kind of fabric.

The type of foam you choose can determine the performance and comfort of your furniture.

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