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More Home Remedies Ruining Your Leather

Previously, we talked about the enormous amount of misinformation you find on the internet when it comes to leather restoration for consumers. Unfortunately, we have found even more myths for do-it-yourself leather repair.

You will want to avoid these leather repair myths as well:


Markers are ineffective in achieving your desired result for two reasons. First of all, getting a marker to match the dye on your leather is close to impossible. Secondly, many types of leather have a marbled appearance. You will not be able to recreate this causing what will appear as a mismatched mark on your leather product.

Household Cleaners:

Frequently consumers will try to use ordinary household cleaners for their leather repair and leather cleaning needs. Most contain one of the chemicals we mentioned in the last blog post that will adversely damage your leather which is alcohol.

You will always need to avoid using anything containing alcohol on your leather product.

Shoe Polish:

The type of leather on your shoes is very different from your leather sofa or other leather furniture. Shoe polish will not work on your higher-end leather products and will leave a messy residue. Not to mention, it will adhere to clothing causing even more of a mess.

For the proper way to clean your leather, you will need something that is created specifically for your leather. Give us a call or visit our website for more leather and vinyl repair information.

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