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Most Common Furniture Damages And How A Professional Leather Upholstery Repair Service Can Take Care Of Them

When your leather furniture pieces are showing signs of wear, scheduling a leather upholstery repair service is essential. Being a staple home furniture piece, keeping your leather furniture in good condition requires regular maintenance. However, with frequent usage, your furniture will eventually get broken or damaged even if it is made from durable materials. Before you consider replacing your leather furniture, assess the degree of damage to find out if a simple upholstery repair will suffice. You should also know the common causes of leather furniture damage.


No matter how you try to handle your leather furniture pieces with care, some of your family members may unintentionally stain your favorite leather couch while watching TV on a Friday night. Whether you’re having wine after a hearty dinner or any type of liquid, spills are inevitable. Without cleaning the stains immediately, they can sink into your leather and ruin the surface. Even food spills can have an effect on the appearance of your furniture. Once you discover the stain, clean the stained spot right away with a leather cleaner. Rub the area with a clean cloth until it is completely dry. Whether the stain is big or small, you have to treat it immediately to prevent further damage.

Harsh cleaning products

Just because you are cleaning your furniture regularly, it does not mean that you are extending its life. Unless you are using the correct cleaning products, you can be doing more harm than good. Before you use any type of cleaning product on your furniture, check the label if they contain harsh chemicals that can damage the leather material. Soaps, detergents or sprays may sound harmless but they can cause breaks or cracks in the leather. When cleaning your furniture, using a dry cloth or a towel dipped in lukewarm water is enough. If you are not sure how to clean your furniture, it is better to leave it to a leather cleaning specialist.

Sun exposure

Your leather furniture is prone to fading and discoloration when exposed to sunlight as the heat of the sun dries leather out. With too much heat, the leather finish will start to crack. A heat vent can also cause the same damage as sunlight. When placing your furniture in a room, be sure that they are away from any heat sources.


Accidents happen, especially if you have children at home. They can turn your furniture into a canvas and the ink from pens or markers are the hardest to remove. Even if you lay a piece of paper on a couch, you can unknowingly transfer ink into the leather. Avoid this mistake by laying any reading material on the coffee table instead.

Lack of proper maintenance

It is obvious that when your furniture lacks maintenance, it will show signs of damage sooner than its life expectancy. Your leather couch is one of the frequently used items in your home. Perspiration and oil will build up over time causing the fiber to break down and develop discoloration. Make it a habit to rotate your cushions once a week, especially if you have a favorite spot on the couch so you can prevent it from wearing down and having a saggy look.

Retain your leather furniture’s natural oils to prevent cracks by maintaining it regularly. Your furniture can last for more than a decade if you keep it well-maintained. Call a leather upholstery expert to know the proper leather care.

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