Quality Leather Repair

Preventing the Need for Leather Restoration

faded_wornMany times when we are called to a home for leather repair it is because of some type of discoloration on different pieces of leather furniture.  Surprisingly, the owners don’t know the exact cause of discoloration in confined spots on their furniture.

There are many different chemicals and products that can adversely affect your furniture causing permanent damage that can only be restored by a professional like Leather Medic. So as a rule of thumb there are different precautions you can take to protect your furniture from random discoloration.

We have had reports of faded spots caused by pool owners who may have had children sitting in their wet suits on the furniture.  The repeated exposure to the chlorine caused the spot to eventually fade and require professional leather restoration.

Any time you have chemicals which are solvents, you will want to keep them far from your leather furniture.  This includes things like acetone, which is the main solvent in nail polish remover or alcohol. Even hand sanitizer can have adverse effect on leather furniture since it also contains chemical solvents.

Also products used on your pets to protect them from fleas, like the product Advantage, can damage or discolor your leather furniture.  You always want to make certain the product is completely dry before allowing a dog or cat to return to their favorite spot on your leather sofa.

And remember, if you do end up with some sort of discoloration damage only a professional can repair it correctly and usually to the point of looking brand new.

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