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Repaired And Ready For The New Year

Repaired And Ready For The New Year

The New Year is a time of renewal, promises, and expectations. It is also a time for dealing with unresolved problems. When winter weather makes repairs on the outside of a home difficult, it’s a good time to get busy with repairs and restoration needed inside. Businesses will want to make use of the colder winter months to redesign or rehab, in expectation of greater customer draw during the warmer months of the year.

Leather Medic is available year round to supply your leather repair needs. We do our work on site, at your home or business, as a convenience to you.

Leather Upholstery In Cars, Homes and Boats

Leather upholstery looks classy when it’s new. It’s one of the most comfortable types of furniture on the market. Over time, liquid stains and chemical changes can occur which dull the leather sheen. Body oil stains, smoke and cigarette burns can all cause problems for leather. Pointy objects and the claws of your pet can nick or tear leather and vinyl products, making them look like damaged goods.

These types of problems are easy to deal with, if you have the right equipment and expertise.

Leather Medic has both. We can restore your leather or vinyl to its original showroom sheen, matching its original color shade, and repairing any gashes or tears so well that you won’t even notice they were there. Remember that fantastic new leather smell your car had when you first bought it? We can restore that, too.

Leather Furniture In Businesses

At Leather Medic, we know that the leather or vinyl you choose to put in your office is part of your business brand. Business offices and beauty salons choose it for its comfort, style and customer appeal. The colors and textures of the leather are part of the overall design.

Medical clinics and restaurants have specialized needs. Leather is chosen to offer a germ-inhibiting environment that is also easy to clean.

Leather Medic is sensitive to the unique needs of your business. We will work within your business schedule to repair and restore leather furniture, and we can re-dye it if necessary, to create the right blend for your interior design. Our cleaning products are specifically designed to be gentle to leather and vinyl, while conditioning them, so that they can withstand the wear and tear of daily business use.

Here at Leather Medic, our teams are ready to usher you into the New Year. We will make your old things new again.

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