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Surgical Repair For Your Medical Chair

Surgical Repair For Your Medical Chair

Your patients may be doing fine, but if your vinyl or leather medical chair is splitting, it may need an emergency surgery of its own. A doctor or dentist’s office needs to look professional, and nothing looks more unprofessional than vinyl or leather furniture that is frayed, splitting, or discolored.

Most medical and dental furniture is made from leather or vinyl, with good reason. These materials are durable, attractive, comfortable for patients, and easy to clean. They also tend to be hypoallergenic, which is obviously a big plus for a medical or dental office.

Although leather and vinyl are durable, they are prone to damage after a while. Human interaction can cause these materials to pit, or tear. Chemicals, and even sweat, can discolor them. Since medical and dental furniture is often electrically powered, if the leather becomes damaged, it can be expensive to replace.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace it. Leather Medic has the professional service needed to make your leather furniture look like new again. Leather Medic can restore and repair all of your medical and dental furniture that is made with leather or vinyl, such as these important items:

  • Blood Drawing Chair
  • Reclining Recovery chair
  • Electric Powered Exam Chairs
  • Pediatric Exam Table
  • Basic Exam Table
  • Waiting Room Chairs
  • Dental Chairs
  • Doctor’s Stool
  • Treatment Tables
  • Recovery Couches
  • Reception Room Sofa

There’s no need to bring your furniture to us. Leather Medic is a mobile service unit with many locations, so we can come directly to your office to restore your leather or vinyl furniture. Our technicians are trained in the unique qualities of leather and vinyl, and what it takes to restore them. We have special treatments that can remove stains and repair gashes. We can also dye precious leather items back to their lustrous original color. We can even restore that “new leather” smell that they had when you first bought them.

If your medical or dental chairs have suffered damage, turn to Leather Medic to perform an emergency operation to save them.

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