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The 10 Best Questions to Ask Your Clients

In your home-based business it’s extremely important to create a good buzz concerning your product and service. A client needs to feel like you are providing them with exactly what they need in order to create referrals and more business.  Asking good questions is by far the best way to qualify exactly what your client needs and how you can best meet their expectations.  It’s very difficult to hit a target that you do not know exists.

In our leather restoration business, we make certain we are fully meeting and exceeding our client’s needs by asking the right questions.

Here are 10 examples of our best questions that you can adapt to your specific business and not necessarily just a leather and vinyl repair business:

  1. Ask, “What is your best case end result?”, to the client.  Get a very clear picture of the result that would make them the happiest with your product or service.
  2. Ask, “What is the best time frame for you?”  This could apply to a service industry or any product that would require delivery or shipping.   In a leather repair business, we explain exactly how long the process will take.  This way they fully understand the time frame.
  3. What is the best way to reach your client for status updates?
  4. How frequently would they like to be updated on the progress?  The client then is the one to set the precedence.  If it is unrealistic, you can negotiate upfront.  This is very beneficial in a construction or service type industry.
  5. How did they hear about you?  This is very important for any franchise or home-based business.  You need to know what marketing is working.  You also need to know if you are being referred and take note that you will need to thank that referral properly.
  6. Would they like to pay by check or credit card?  This is a better way to “ask” for the money, which can be difficult for a lot of home-based business owners.  This either/or type of phrasing is less evasive.
  7. Do they fully understand your process or product?  You would be surprised how many don’t understand your product or how to use it.
  8. Ask them if they have your contact information.  They need to feel as though they have clear and easy access to you and your business.  It builds trust.
  9. Ask if they know of any potential problems they may foresee.  This could be as simple as, “don’t let the dog out” on your service call.
  10. Most importantly, would they recommend your product or service to someone.  This is to be asked upon completion.  It’s an excellent way for a home-based business to gather testimonials.

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