Quality Leather Repair

The “Life Line” of Any Commercial Franchise

At Leather Medic, we strongly suggest when choosing a home-based business, that you select a company with strong leadership. When you receive franchise information from any company, make certain they are very upfront and honest concerning the franchise leadership.

Strong leadership, combined with comprehensive product knowledge, helps to establish your own successful small business franchise.

The founder of Leather Medic is Chade Life. We always say he is part surgeon, part artist, and part magician. We think he would be reluctant to say it himself, but when it comes to leather and vinyl repair he is one of the most skilled practitioners in the country.

He’s spent over two decades refining the craft of leather restoration. Early on, he recognized the significant and ongoing demand for expert craftsmen who could master the art of leather and vinyl repair. When he began, he was surprised to learn that there were only three individuals (now retired) in North America with true leather restoration expertise.

He diligently studied with each of them to develop his craft. He has developed proprietary processes and materials that have raised the craft of leather repair to new heights.

The result was “Leather Medic”®, a highly successful business with a great national reputation.

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