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What’s The Best Leather for Your Needs?

What's-The-Best-Leather-for-Your-NeedsA fine leather sofa looks better and tends to be more comfortable than a microfiber couch. Cars that have a leather interior tend to be priced higher than cars without leather because leather is seen as a luxury feature. Although leather can be a durable material that looks and feels great, how do you know if you are getting your money’s worth when you buy it?

Full Grain Is the Best Quality

Full grain leather is leather that has not been altered in any way. You can spot full grain leather at first glance because it will be full of imperfections such as scratches or marks from where the animal was bitten by fleas or mosquitoes. Full grain leather is preferable because it lasts the longest and is the most durable type of leather.

Don’t Be Fooled By Top Grain Leather

When you hear the phrase top grain, you may think that you are buying the highest quality leather on the market. Unfortunately for those who don’t any better, they could be paying full grain prices for a product that is not full grain quality. The main difference between top grain and full grain leather is the fact that top grain leather has been lightly sanded to get rid of imperfections.

The Imperfections Make the Leather Look Good

Like humans, cows have wrinkles on their skin. If you buy corrected grade leather, you are buying a product that has been buffed and sanded to create a perfectly smooth piece of leather. However, the corrected leather does not look as luxurious or feel as good as higher quality leather. Another downside to corrected grade leather is that it isn’t durable or good at withstanding even minor damage.

Is Bonded Leather Worth It?

Bonded leather is nothing more than scrap leather that has been put together with glue to create one cheap piece of leather. While bonded leather is the least expensive on the market, you won’t be purchasing anything close to a quality product. If you like the leather look and want the lowest price on the market, bonded leather is what you want to go with. However, it may be better to go with fabric as opposed to leather if you want something inexpensive that will last for a reasonable period of time.

Not all leather is created equal. For those who are looking for the highest quality leather, full grain leather offers consumers the best value for their luxury dollar. When you go to buy leather, always keep in mind that imperfections in the leather are a sign of a high quality and long lasting product.


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