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Top 7 Amazing Facts About Leather That You Don’t Know

Top 7 Amazing Facts About Leather That You Don’t Know

Leather ranks among one of the toughest and most durable materials in the world. It is because of its superior, long-lasting value that makes leather a better option compared to the cheap synthetics available. There are many myths and facts surrounding leather and leather products. In this article, we will explore the facts about leather that you probably don’t know.

Facts About Leather That You Don’t Know

1. Every Year, The Leather Industry Earns Over $53.8 Billion Worldwide

Amazingly, leather generates more money annually than the combined sales of rubber, tea, rice, cotton, sugar, and coffee. Also, 40 percent of this goes to other leather products like furniture, automotive, and home décor. While 60 percent is attributed to wearables like footwear, belts, and clothing.

2. On A Typical Day, You Wear Over Four Pieces of Leather

Did you know that on a typical day, people wear four pieces of leather? Yes, look at it this way, on an average day, you will either wear shoes, a jacket, watch straps, or even carry a wallet or purse. All these items are likely to be made from leather.

From the outlook, it may seem impossible to wear four pieces of leather. But when you check keenly what you are wearing, you will be shocked to find out how many things contain leather. This also applies to décor around you. Your car upholstery or furniture is likely also made of leather.

3. Full Grain Leather Is of Higher Quality Compared to Top Grain Leather

When the word top is used to define an object, you assume that it is probably the best in that product line. Not for leather, though! People frequently assume that top grain leather is the finest quality and genuine leather.

The fact is that full-grain leather is the best quality leather available in the market today. Therefore, when shopping for leather, you should consider buying full-grain leather instead. Full-grain leather is used for making luxury leather goods.

4. Did You Know That Leather Can Be Used as Wallpaper?

Way back in the early 17th century, leather was the main material used for covering walls in internal décor. This tradition is still being practiced in most parts of the world. It is easy to match your furniture’s design with the internal décor by using leather.

The tradition has been copied in various other sectors. For example, leather is now used in automobiles, boats, RVs, house furniture, and aircraft décor.

5. The Most Used Leather Production Material Is Cowhide

Did you know that over the years, cowhide has been the most extensively utilized of all skins? This is because cowhide is incredibly easy to maintain and is the thickest of all skins.

For many years now, cowhide has been the best option for home décor, furniture, vehicle seat covers, and even airplane internal design because of its tough structure and ability to withstand high tensions.

6. Did You Know That the Texture of Leather Varies Depending on The Surrounding?

This is no longer a myth. The texture of pure leather will change based on its surroundings. Because the leather has pores, its texture and look will vary depending on environmental factors. Leather softens in a humid environment because it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.

On the other hand, leather material will toughen when exposed to a dry atmosphere. As a result, you should store your stuff made of leather in a cool, dry place to avoid the two extremes that will alter its texture.

7. Leather Has Been Used for Over 5000 Years

Did you know that leather has been popular for 5000 years? The design and manufacture of leather products date back to 3000BC. The Romans were well known for utilizing leather in the armor of their massive military and sails on their ships.

Back then, leather was also utilized to manufacture furniture, clothes, weaponry, and tents. It became even more famous for fashion purposes roughly 1000 years later, when Egyptian women began to wear it.

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