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Top Leather Furniture Trends: How To Incorporate Leather Into Your Style

Top Leather Furniture Trends: How To Incorporate Leather Into Your Style

There are many ways to incorporate leather into your current home décor, depending on the style that you love. Consider these possibilities for 2021 and beyond.

Why Choose Leather?

There are at least five primary reasons that leather makes sense for your next furniture purchase. Leather furniture looks impressive. While leather furniture is comfortable initially, it gets even more supple as it ages, so it becomes ultra-comfortable. Leather naturally resists punctures and tears, so it is likely to last much longer than other choices on the market. Leather is strong, and it will not fade easily. Each piece of authentic leather furniture is unique because each animal hide that is tanned has its own characteristics.

Home Décor Styles and Leather

You can incorporate leather into any home décor style, but following some general suggestions can help you achieve your desired look.

Traditional Style

When people started decorating in the traditional style, all the furniture faced the fireplace. Even if you do not have a fireplace, you should focus on facing all the furniture towards a focal piece, like the television. Traditional décor is symmetrical, so be sure that you choose leather furniture that will look balanced. Then, add throw pillows and accent rugs that look sophisticated. Stick with colors that have warm undertones, like yellow, orange, and red. Then, add a color that is opposite on the color wheel to make the room pop.


Since vintage never goes out of style, it is a great style to choose from for your home. Start by choosing leather furniture with classical designs. You may want to look for pieces using natural woods, like walnut and maple, that are very practical. These woods were popular for their durability and practicality during the William and Mary period. Alternatively, opt for leather furniture with stylized front legs, like those seen during the Queen Anne period. Then, add some high-end antiques, such as a sturdy trunk or some vintage carnival glasses. Add some eccentric pieces that can serve as focal pieces. Pull the room together by choosing some bold-colored accent pieces.


Dark-colored leather furniture is natural if you like the steampunk look. Focus on choosing neutral-colored nature items to decorate the room. When possible, expose some of the old brick or iron in your steampunk-style home. Look for antique items with leather trim and set them on or near your leather furniture to bring this style together. Consider forgoing a modern coffee table by using an old steamer trunk instead. Add old maps and early scientific drawings of plants and animals to your walls.


Leather is a natural in farmhouse décor. Where possible, place the leather pieces under exposed wooden beams to accent the natural appearance. Then, add some vintage art and ceramic dinnerware. Choosing pieces with a lot of white on them can brighten a space if it starts to get too dark. The farmhouse style is all about comfort, so be sure to add a fuzzy rug on the floor and lots of comfortable quilts throughout the space.

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