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Is Your Furniture Worth Restoring

Is Your Furniture Worth Restoring

Furniture often experiences hard use in the home, with children, pets, and guests leaving their mark in one way or another. Leather furniture, in particular, can be subject to tears, holes, and scratches that can diminish its appearance and cause owners to wonder about expensive replacements. Repairs are possible for these pieces, but first, you should ask some questions to determine if repairing the item is the best option.

What Is the Furniture Worth To You?

Some leather items are like pieces of Art in themselves. They have been designed and constructed to have a personality of their own that adds to the look of a room. These pieces are definitely worth the expense of repair because they are often irreplaceable. Other pieces may be so well made and comfortable that discarding it and finding a new item is unthinkable. Really comfortable furniture is so hard to find that the repair cost may be well worth it to the owner. Other pieces may have been acquired at a special time in your life or passed down from a loved one. These pieces may have great sentimental value that makes a repair worthwhile.

Is Repair More Cost-Effective Than Replacement?

Your leather furniture may be very high-end and would cost a significant amount to replace. In these cases, repairs to improve the appearance are well worth the expense and allow you to continue to enjoy the piece for many more years.

Is the Material Repairable?

Not all leather items can be successfully repaired or restored. Some leather goods are made from “bonded leather,” which comprises small pieces of leather attached to a vinyl backing. These may begin to flake and shed over time and with wear. Unfortunately, it is impossible to repair the damage.

What Type of Repair Work Is Needed?

Over the years, leather items can become dirty, dull, and unattractive. Several cleaning and restoration operations can bring these items to a more attractive condition at a very affordable cost.

Your leather goods may have visible tears, splits, discoloration, or worn areas. This minor damage can worsen over time, leading to more expensive repairs. Your leather repair technician can determine the cost of repairs to help you decide how much your want to invest in the piece.

A valued leather piece can be an important part of your décor or your lifestyle. When an important leather item is damaged, it can leave with a sinking feeling of loss. However, our highly trained leather technicians can provide the TLC to restore your leather furniture to full use with a good appearance.

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