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Buying a Franchise? This is one thing you NEED to know!

There is ample debate over the actual failure rate of a small business franchise within their first year. Urban legend and what you will find consistently quoted over the internet is a 90% failure rate, which is completely untrue. According to The SBA, Small Business Administration, the actual number is around 30%.

If you begin researching why these small business franchises go out of business so quickly, you will find a very consistent answer. Purchasing a franchise or starting a small home-based business without first seeing if there is a market for the industry of choice leads to a failed business.

You need sound market opportunities.

For example, with a Leather Medic franchise opportunity, you have a wide market base and very frequently, little competition. Leather Medic markets to a wide variety of clientele. As with any business, the more fish in the sea, the better chance you have of catching them.

You need to choose a business that has plenty of prospects and includes a product or service that has high market demand. Leather Medic has a basic market of residential clients that need leather furniture repair. And of course, our market has a sound base in the automotive industry.

But we also take care of leather and vinyl repair on boats and recreational vehicles.

We market to and get business from, furniture stores, restaurants, hotels and motels, churches, schools, insurance companies, and damage restoration companies.

For those who have already taken advantage of our business franchise opportunity, they understand they have numerous prospects and market demand.

Make certain you have those basics soundly in place when you open any type of small business, whether it is a home-based business or if you decide to purchase a franchise. You will ensure you are a small business franchise that is in the 70% who survive.

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