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E-mail Marketing Tips for Home Based Businesses

As a home-based business it’s important to find productive ways to reach more clients. Even in the age of social media, email marketing is a valuable tool in a small home business’s arsenal of effective marketing. Here are the top tips for any small business franchise:

Create urgency in your subject line.

It doesn’t matter what is in the text of your email if potential clients never open the email. You want to make certain your subject line is appealing enough that it will be opened and fully read. According to a 2010 report by Marketing Sherpa, the top three types of subject lines that compel your clients to open the email contains a Discount Offer, a Free Product Offer, or a Familiar Brand Name. So time-sensitive offers and discounts help your email subscribers open your email and offer the potential to generate revenue.

Make it worth their while.

Once they open your email, make it well worth it by including great content. This will prevent you from being labeled as spam. Home-based businesses need to view their email campaigns from the subscribers’ point of view. What information would they find beneficial? What specials would meet their needs?

For instance, since we are a Leather and Vinyl repair company we could send specials for leather repair or leather cleaning. But we could also include tips on auto leather repair or leather furniture repair. For our subscribers, it would meet their needs and interest.

Be consistent.

If you are consistently providing a strong email campaign including time-sensitive specials, your subscribers will begin to anticipate your specials and eventually take advantage of your offer.

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