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All You Need To Know About Identifying Leather

All You Need To Know About Identifying Leather

Caring for your leather allows you to enjoy it for years to come. Not all leathers are the same. You’ll need to know what type of leather you have to care for it properly.

The Main Categories of Leather

The first type to consider is the finished leather. If you guessed that the second one is the unfinished leather, you’re right. You can tell the difference by touch and a drop of water on the surface.

Aniline Leather

This leather feels light and is smooth to the touch. When you drop water onto the surface of it, the leather soaks it right in. This is not leather for a rainy day.

Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-Aniline is a little less soft. The water drop test soaks in fast, but not as fast as the Aniline. It’s another poor choice for rainy days.

Pigmented Leather

This one feels fake because it gets treated with other things for the look of the leather.

Care For Your Leather

The steps to care for your leather are fairly straightforward. When they are new, wipe them with a dry cloth. Some people use a cloth diaper for this.

Maintenance Over Time

Eventually, you’ll need to find a leather cleaner or a cream. You only need to do this type of cleaning a couple of times a year. The procedure is relatively simple to do with some basic supplies.

  • You apply the cleaner with a soft cloth.
  • Wipe in a circular pattern with care.
  • This helps add a sheen and adds a layer of protection.

Deep Stains

The best bet is a professional leather cleaner if you have a nasty stain. If you follow these steps here, you can get most of the stains out. It takes a few things.

  • Take water and a mild soap solution or specialized cleaning solution and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Repeat until the stain is gone.
  • Never place leather in the sun or use a washing machine.
  • Always apply leather cream after cleaning it with soap and water.

Furniture Leathers

These leathers are much the same as the leather clothing you love. The only issue is the wear and tear on it is different. You can use the same methods to clean them, but you’ll need to do it on a bigger scale.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

There are more materials needed for your furniture. If you follow these steps, you’ll have leather furniture that ages well and ends up better after years of use. It even works for used pieces that you want to restore.

  • Use only specialized cleaners or very mild soap.
  • Water and soap with the soft cloth work for spot stains.
  • Then use the leather cream afterward.

These steps keep your leather furniture or other leather products looking perfect for generations. Leather changes in appearance over time. Like a favorite pair of shoes, you have to break most leathers in for them to be just right.

Leather lasts a long time, it’s warm and comfortable, and it offers a wonderfully classic look. Once you begin the maintenance of your leathers, you’ll feel like a professional. You might become one of those people that won’t let anyone touch their leather. If you get something that’s a bit too much to handle, though, know that leather can be professionally cleaned as well.

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