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Improve Your Spa or Beauty Salon’s Style With Vinyl & Leather Repair

Improve Your Spa Or Beauty Salon's Style With Vinyl & Leather Repair

Repair Beauty Salon Equipment

Anyone operating a beauty business has vinyl and leather chairs and couches designed for their patron’s use. Leather and vinyl objects in beauty salons, barbershops and day spas can develop worn areas, small rips or discolorations that require professional repair. Customers visiting a beauty salon or spa expect to see a gorgeous and clean interior that suggests the business is following health and safety codes. Instead of trying to repair items such as massage tables or styling chairs with poor quality do-it-yourself kits or adhesive tape, contact Leather Medic.

Hire a Mobile Service

The equipment used in barbershops, spas and beauty salons is too expensive to replace simply because of a few torn or worn areas on leather or vinyl. In addition, equipment such as pedicure chairs and reception sofas are too difficult to lift and transport to a brick-and-mortar location for repairs. The best solution is to call a mobile vinyl and leather repair service such as Leather Medic with 25 years of experience. Not only can a knowledgeable technician fix ripped and frayed vinyl or leather located on chairs and tables, it is possible to re-dye the materials.

Keep Spa Customers Happy

When customers enter a spa, beauty salon or barbershop, they expect to see a beautiful décor that indicates the business doing well and is an environment where they can relax and unwind. The first thing that patrons notice upon entering a business is the waiting area. If a receptionist is busy on the phone or talking to a client, then a customer may decide to sit and wait for service. While waiting, a perspective client will glance around to see the space, looking at wall art, carpeting and seating areas. When sofas and chairs are in an unsightly condition with holes or faded materials, the customer may decide to leave.

Maintain a Great Reputation

Torn seating is also uncomfortable to sit or recline on during beauty treatments, haircuts or massages. Having one piece of equipment in bad condition can lead to a poor reputation with customers. A customer noticing a torn chair while receiving a quick manicure on their lunch hour may not return later in the month for a haircut. In addition, that patron might tell friends and family members to avoid a business with poorly maintained equipment. The best time to call Leather Medic to get professional vinyl and leather repaired or refurbished is when the items have a small amount of damage.

Avoid Additional Equipment Damage

The trained technicians working for a Leather Medic franchise can arrive at a building when the facility is closed to avoid disturbing clients. Technicians bring the tools and materials required to dye spots on leather and vinyl caused by bleaching chemicals contained in hair care products. A technician can use a sewing device to stitch tears along seams or apply sealants to repair tears on other areas of equipment. Having leather and vinyl repaired as soon as possible can avoid contamination to underlying layers from body oils and hair strands.

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