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Crocodile tractor seat

9 Must-See Recent Projects At Your Local Leather Repair Shop

The customer was tired of the light color and wanted to go gray to match her new decor so we reupholstered the whole sectional with new beautiful gray leather… it looks amazing 👏

Reupholstered with quality material. Massage chair

Reupholstered stool

Reupholstered dining chairs, ready for delivery 🙂

Beautiful BMW had a BIG TEAR in the driver seat… we replaced that panel and refinished the whole seat.

Reupholstered BMW Seat

Reupholstered therapy table.

Reupholstered Massage Table

RV ready to hit the road… we didn’t get before pictures. Seats were cracking and peeling. Completely reupholstered with good quality material.

RV like new

Kids got some ink on this beautiful chair and mom tried to fix it, making it worse… Leather Medic came to the rescue :-0

Professional leather repair fix

A commercial office building had these chairs that were peeling… we reupholstered them with good quality material and the lobby is now ready for customers.

Reupholstered commercial furniture

Interesting project..tractor seat reupholstered with alligator leather.

Crocodile tractor seat

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