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Get Your Ride Ready for Summer Travel

Get Your Ride Ready for Summer Travel

Top-quality leather or vinyl seats provide top-quality comfort no matter which travel method you choose. To ensure you’re ready for the summer travel season, you may need to use seat repair services. 

Auto upholstery repair services can address leather and vinyl degradation problems and reinvigorate your seating for maximum comfort. While searching for “seat repair near me,” look for experts who know how to fix and maintain your seating. This post lists a few ways you can get a head start on your seasonal vehicular care.

#1. Wipe Seats with Premium Solutions

Weekly seating maintenance can help you extend the amount of time needed between your leather seat repair needs. You can wipe them with vinyl or petroleum-based cleaners to prevent drying, cracking, and discoloring.

If you don’t find any leather cleaners you like, you can try a mixture of part water and part white vinegar. While it likely won’t produce the same effect, it gets the job done with materials you may already have on hand. Use microfiber cloths for the best result, but paper towels or old T-shirts and gentle cleaners also work well.

#2. Cover Your Surfaces

After receiving high-quality vehicle upholstery repair services, they may advise you to cover your seats when possible. For example, seat covers can keep the vinyl and leather out of the elements, preventing stain and dust buildup. Even when you’re using your vehicle often, coverings can prevent scraping and accidental scratching.

#3. Clean Light Stains Quickly

Accidents happen, though a light stain doesn’t need to be cause for alarm. Before you start typing “seat repair near me,” try using a microfiber cloth, old T-shirt, or paper towel with light dish soap. If you clean up small stains quickly, they have less time to set. If you have a stubborn stain, reach out to Leather Medic professionals for an expert touch.

#4. Block the Sunlight from Your Surfaces

Any leather car seat repair provider will advise reducing sun exposure to your seating. UV radiation can damage your skin cells and other surfaces; leather, a type of dried skin, and vinyl, a kind of plastic, both will degrade with long hours in sunlight.

Moreover, the windows of your vehicle can amplify the heat and force of the sun’s rays, causing more damage. Thankfully, you can buy window sun blockers and seat covers at automotive stores at reasonable prices. Reduced sun exposure gives your upholstery a longer lifespan.

Call Leather Medic® for Your Leather/Vinyl Seat Repair Needs

Call Leather Medic professionals to step in when your leather or vinyl needs more care than you can give them. We know that seating conditions affect more than just cars. Our team tackles any auto upholstery services you need in RVs, planes, and boats.

When you need “seat repair near me,” we’re here to offer over 30 years of accumulated leather and vinyl care experience. Call us at (239) 482-2027 to let us help restore your vehicle to top shape.

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