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Should You Replace or Repair an Item After Leather Damage?

Should You Replace or Repair an Item After Leather Damage?

When a leather item becomes damaged, you have to decide whether it is better to replace the item or simply repair the damage done to the leather. For instance, if a leather couch gets a hole in it, is it easier and cheaper to fix the damage or buy a new couch? Let’s take a look at when you should repair the damage and when you should buy a replacement item.

How Old Is the Product in Question?

If your boat or RV is 20 years old, it may be better to invest in a new boat rather than replacing worn vinyl or leather. If your couch has been in your house since your kids were in diapers, it may be time to get a new couch. However, if you just bought that couch or own a boat that has value as an antique, it could be cheaper to get it fixed and preserve your purchase.

How Easy Would it Be to Replace the Product?

When you own something that has been custom made, it is not likely that you can buy a replacement that will do what the current product does. For instance, a restaurant or salon owner probably doesn’t need to replace an entire custom booth just because the leather is discolored or starting to crack. The same is true if you bought something that was made in limited quantities or has a unique back story that makes it more valuable to hold onto as opposed to replacing it.

Was the Damaged Piece Part of a Set?

In most cases, a dining room set is going to come with a four or more chairs. Should only one chair become damaged, it may be more cost-effective to fix the one chair that is damaged instead of buying an entire new set. However, it may be worthwhile to buy a new set of chairs if more than one chair has damage or if the set itself is old and due to be replaced.

Deciding whether to repair or replace an item depends on many factors that are unique to your situation. If you have no sentimental attachment to an item that can be easily replaced, it may be worth replacing. However, if you do have a sentimental attachment to a product or it is hard to replace within your budget, your best bet is to repair the damage instead.

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