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Types of Leather used in Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is stylish, durable, and perfect for creating a sophisticated look in homes and offices. It is important to know that leather varies in texture, quality, and type because of its processing. Therefore, you should be careful when selecting the perfect leather seats for your living room or reception area.

What Factors should you Consider when Purchasing Leather Furniture?

Leather is a costly furniture material because it is a natural product. When purchasing a leather sofa, you should keep the following aspects in mind to pay for quality and longevity.

The Type of Leather

Manufacturers use various types of leather when making leather sofas. Every type is made differently and has a unique quality. These differences can affect the furniture’s appearance and maintenance requirements.

How the Leather was Dyed

The manufacturers’ technique to dye the leather determines its quality, texture, and appearance.

The “Real” Leather Percentage

Sometimes, manufacturers use non-leather materials when making leather furniture. Most manufacturers label the furniture accordingly and indicate the actual leather percentage. Check whether the furniture label indicates “100% real leather.”

Which are the Most Common Types of Leather?

The following are the options you can find on the market.

Full-Grain Leather

This type of leather is the most authentic and expensive. Manufacturers use the original animal hide, remove the hair, and soak the leather in a natural dye. Avoiding additional treatment enables the full-grain leather to maintain its original texture, look, and quality. At first, it is hard, but it softens with time.

Top Grain Leather

Also referred to as the corrected grain or full-grain pigmented, the top grain leather has the same purity, longevity, and durability as the full-grain leather. However, the manufacturers polish it a little more and take it through a buffing process to remove surface imperfections and make it softer.

Split Grain Leather

Manufacturers make this leather type using the hide section that remains after removing the top layer of leather. Furniture made from split-grain leather is rough, fragile, and challenging to maintain. However, it is less expensive than other higher quality types.

Nubuck Leather

This furniture leather is a product of rawhide from cattle. It has a soft, suede-like appearance. It is also fragile and might not last long if you do not maintain it carefully or treat it with a waterproof solution.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is the best option for homeowners looking for high-quality leather chairs at a lower cost. Manufacturers create it using leftovers of other leather projects and then roll it up using an adhesive material.

Bi-cast Leather

This leather type is split-grain leather with a color polyurethane coating that resembles the top grain leather. Without the right treatment and proper maintenance, bi-cast leather peels and cracks.

Faux Leather

Home and office owners should know that faux leather is not natural leather. Manufacturers create it using several synthetic materials like rubber and plastic. Furniture made from this leather is durable and attractive.

Royalin Leather

This comfortable, high-quality leather contains notable markings and natural pebbles. It is expensive and more popular in Europe. Royalin couches require protection treatment to safeguard them from moisture and oil from the human skin.

Overall, buying leather furniture is a significant decision for a home or business owner. They might be expensive, but they will give your living space a classy look for a long time. Remember to prioritize quality during the purchase.

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