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Buying Leather Furniture Here’s What you Need to Know

Buying Leather Furniture? Here’s What you Need to Know

Before buying leather furniture, it is crucial to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. You should thoroughly check things because two leather sofas might look similar but are totally different once you examine them further. 

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Leather Furniture

When it comes to furniture upholstery, leather is a gold standard. It stands as a substantial investment; thus, you need to opt for the best and nothing less. You can do this by asking essential questions that can help you determine which leather furniture suits your home.

What kind of leather is it?

Not all leathers are created equal; thus, it is crucial to know what kind you are getting and if it was one of the best that you can get. Full-grain and top grain leather are acquired from the outermost layer of the hide below the hair. These two are the strongest and most durable. Full-grain is resistant to moisture and ages well. Top gain is blemish-free, soft, and luxurious. You can also consider getting split leather and bonded leather.

How is the leather dyed?

Next, what type of dye is used for the finish of the leather? This can affect the look, feel, and wear of the furniture over time. Besides, it will determine its ability to repel spills and stains. There is three most common kind of leather dye used:

  • Pure Aniline – a transparent dye that thoroughly douses the hide for a rich and deep color. All the natural markings of the hide remain, and no protective coating is added. This leaves the leather supple and soft to touch.
  • Semi-Aniline – also known as protected aniline. A thin layer of coating is applied, retaining the natural look of the hide. Compared to pure aniline, it gives better protection and is more versatile for upholstery leather.
  • Pigmented – a layer of opaque color pigmented coating is applied on the surface to allow the leather to breathe. It is not as soft and supple as the other two, but it is easy to clean and fades very slowly.

What is the frame’s construction method?

How the frame and cushions are constructed will influence the integrity of the furniture, leather upholstery, and how long it will last. Leather is flexible but bending, and swaying frames will put a strain on it. Opt for a structure that is made of kiln-dried hardwood with well-formed joints and high-density collapse-resistant.

How much of the furniture is covered with genuine leather?

Some manufacturers only use real leather on contact areas like the seat, armrests, and the back. A different type of leather is then used in other areas. This could be a problem since the sections will age differently, resulting in a piece of unattractive two-tone leather furniture. Make sure that what you are getting is made of genuine leather throughout.

Is a warranty included?

You know you’ve found a quality furniture maker when they offer a generous warranty without any hesitation. Check the fine print in-depth since some contracts only guarantee the frame. Ask a lot of questions.

Shopping for good leather furniture would be smooth and easy. Despite the seemingly endless options in the market, you can make the process more enjoyable and less stressful. By asking the right questions, you can get the most out of your purchase.

Suppose you happen to have leather furniture with upholstery that doesn’t look as good as before. You can consider bringing it to a repair and refinishing expert. Contact Leather Medic.

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