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Extending the Life of Leather Furniture

Extending the Life of Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a nice addition to your home’s decor. But if you have leather furniture, you might be wondering how to preserve its quality for longer use. Today we’re going to provide homeowners a few ways to extend the life of their leather furniture.

How Homeowners Can Preserve Leather Furniture

Leather furniture certainly makes a statement in any home. Leather furniture looks nice, feels nice, and is a great investment overall.

But if you want to extend the life of your leather furniture, it’s important to follow certain practices to keep your furniture in the best shape possible. With that said, we’re going to share a few ways you can preserve the life of your leather furniture.

Place Your Furniture in the Right Places

Many people don’t realize it, but where you place your furniture matters. If you want to keep your leather furniture in the best quality possible, it’s important to avoid putting leather pieces under skylights, next to windows, or sliding doors.

This is because exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause your leather furniture to fade and look worn out. If you need to place your furniture by lighting, be sure to use things like window coverings, blinds and shades to block the sun.

Your leather pieces will also need to avoid sitting near fireplaces to avoid stiffening, cracking, and fading.

Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

You will need to clean your leather furniture, and when you do, it’s important that you clean your furniture properly to prevent ruining the quality of the leather.

With that said, be sure to wipe down your leather furniture weekly or every couple of weeks with a clean, dry cloth. This removes dust and debris from the surface area. In addition, you can use a vacuum to clean the crevices and along the bottom to get hard-to-reach particles.

If there is a lot of dirt accumulated, you can take a clean damp cloth to wipe the surface. Keep in mind that leather can sometimes absorb water. As such, it’s best to do a test piece. If you find that your leather does absorb water, use a dry cloth instead.

Conditioning Your Leather Furniture

Conditioning your leather is an important step when it comes to extending the life of your furniture. As a rule of thumb, you should condition every six months to a year.

Conditioning will restore your leather’s natural oils, which keeps the leather soft and comfortable. Another benefit of conditioning is that it will act as a barrier between stains from spills, sweating, and other common liquids.

What else can I do to preserve my leather furniture?

There are additional measures you can take to preserve the life of your leather furniture. For instance, always be sure to keep substances that are corrosive away from your leather pieces. This includes things like bleach, ammonia, hair products, and chlorine from swimming pools.

Additionally, avoid making a habit out of sitting on the armrest or the back of leather pieces, as this will lead to structural damage. If you need to move your furniture, never push or pull the furniture as this will damage the upholstery. Instead, get someone to help you lift your pieces to help preserve the quality.

Your leather furniture doesn’t just add to your home’s appeal; it’s a great investment. If you want to maintain the quality of your leather furniture, be sure that you place your leather pieces in the right place, properly clean your leather, and condition your pieces every six months to a year.

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