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Why We Love Leather Furniture

Why We Love Leather Furniture

Any piece of furniture you purchase should complement a room’s interior. However, leather furniture is the way to go if you want items that will give a space a sense of sophistication, class, and luxury.

So, why leather furniture over upholstered items? It’s one of the most popular materials with many benefits outlined below.

Why Love Leather Furniture

1. Versatility

Regardless of a room’s interior design, you can find leather furniture to complement it. Leather comes in various styles and colors, though neutral hues are the most common. The furnishings will add a timeless appeal that is always in fashion.

2. Durability

Leather furniture does well in homes with children because animal hides have excellent resistance to scratches and tears without treatment with harsh and harmful chemicals. Children won’t cause much damage to couches, armchairs, or ottomans when they sit, nap, or play on them. These items are also easy to keep clean and hard to stain, so you can expect leather pieces to outlast cloth-covered pieces.

3. Comfort

Most furnishings will lose their comfort level and lovely appearance over time. Leather furniture can stand the test of time, though. The material is breathable, so it will remain comfortable even after prolonged use.

Leather also adapts to temperature, which increases your comfort. The material retains heat in the winter but feels cool when outdoor temperatures rise.

4. Appearance

Leather furniture comes in many neutral colors, textures, and grains. It’s the best option for quality furniture because it creates a natural-looking appearance with a consistent grain. For instance, furniture makers sand away the topmost layer of top-grain leather to imprint the hide with a uniform grain.

Because leather is a natural material, it’s not uncommon for surfaces to contain unique patterns, markings, or blemishes. Even dyed leather maintains a fantastic appearance because the color absorbs into the hide and won’t fade.

5. Investment

Some people don’t consider leather furniture a worthy investment because they expect the items to wear quickly with use. However, they are worth the investment because the quality of the pieces is evident and can last for years. Despite the higher cost, you can be confident your leather sofa will improve the look of any room and remain in excellent condition for years.

6. Low Maintenance

You might think it’s challenging to maintain quality leather. However, the material’s low maintenance is why leather furniture is at the top of our list.

You can use a clean, damp cloth to wipe up food or liquid spills. In most cases, liquids will roll off leather surfaces, especially if the item has a professional leather protector. You can also use a soft cloth to remove dust from your furniture because dust mites won’t have fabric fibers to hold on to, unlike upholstered sofas and chairs.

Keep Quality Leathers in Excellent Condition with Leather Medic®

The many benefits of leather are why leather furniture is worth considering for your home or office. However, if you’re concerned about damaging the material, Leather Medic is here to help.

Leather Medic is a mobile leather repair and refinishing service backed by over 30 years of leather restoration experience. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to return old, worn, or damaged leather to its original condition. Request a quote today by calling 239-482-2027.

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